Linen Care

Linen is wonderful and luxurious, yet strong and durable.
And to the surprise of many it is easy to care for.

Basic Goodness

Linen is known to be a luxurious fabric. It is also a strong and practical cloth... a perfect match for all sorts of duties around the kitchen and home.

- The smooth, long fibers of linen resist dirt and stains.
- Linen softens the more it is used and washed.
- Linen absorbs water easily and dries quickly.
- Linen is durable, stronger, lasts longer than cotton.
- Linen is lint-free and resistant to pilling.
- Linen can withstand high temperatures.
- Linen is inherently eco-friendly.

Wash and Care

Tea Towels
Machine wash in cool to warm water. Use a mild detergent, no bleach please. We like to air dry... or tumble dry on low heat and remove while still damp to avoid wrinkling. Ironing is optional. Some prefer linen crisp and flat, others like it soft and natural.
Dry thoroughly before storing. We encourage you to use your tea towels daily, wash often, and enjoy the patina that comes with use and age.

Before washing, bundle the apron ties in a loose knot (see photo to the right). Machine wash in cool to warm water with a mild detergent, no bleach. Best to hang the apron to dry as linen dries quickly and there will be very little wrinkling or shrinkage. Avoid hanging in bright sunlight as the color may fade.
Ironing is optional, and best to do while the apron is slightly damp. Use a hot iron with plenty of steam or a spray of water. Well-cared for linen aprons will last for generations.

Stains Happen
The long fibers of linen naturally resist dirt and stains. So if you catch a stain while fresh and before it dries, a good dose of dish soap and water will remove most stains. Pre-soaking in mild detergent is very effective in lifting more difficult stains. Just never use chlorine bleach which may damage the fibers, and remove color as well.