Get Creative

Tea towels are not just for drying the dishes.
Get creative and wrap, carry, wear, store and dine with your linen towels.

Our Favorite Ideas

First and foremost, our towels are great for drying hands and dishes and assisting in the kitchen. But why not set the table, keep bread warm, gift wrap a bottle of wine, olive oil, home-baked goods or a cookbook? Beautiful and useful linens always make a special and thoughtful presentation.

The Bottle Wrap
Arrive with presence! It's lovely way to gift a bottle of wine, champagne, artisanal olive oil... or jars of homemade jam, chocolate and caramel sauce. Roll it up, gather the linen and tie it with a string or ribbon.

Wrap a Cookbook
It's two-gifts-in-one, and the perfect pairing for anyone who likes to cook, bake and entertain. Simply fold and wrap a linen towel around a favorite cookbook for a clever and creative presentation. Practical too!

Furoshiki Wraps
Our favorite for lunchtime at school or work: wrap up your lunch with a towel and you'll have a built-in placemat or napkin. Also perfect for gift-wrapping. Use cloth not paper for a more sustainable, reusable and just plain lovely gift!

A Quick Cover-Up

Tea Towel = Apron
Making or baking, cooking up a storm? When you need protection in a flash, wrap a towel around your waist, tuck it in or belt it. Instant coverage, and a handy place to wipe your hands easily and often.

Handy Storage

On the Countertop
I keep a canister or one of my favorite kitchen bowls on the counter, full of rolled and folded linen towels and cotton flour sacks, ready to grab and go to work. It's a lovely way to display too... show off your mix of kitchen linens!

Table Settings

Great Big Napkins
A lot of our customers use their tea towels as napkins for a stylish and practical setting. What's better than a great big absorbent napkin for either a quick family meal or an elegant table setting?

Quick + Easy Placemats
Folded in half, a tea towel becomes the perfectly-sized placemat too. Easy to wash, fold and use again. :)