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Flour Sack Towels - Set of 7

Stock up with this stack of 7 Flour Sack Towels, and always keep them handy for all kitchen and household tasks. When we went looking for the best quality flour sack towels, we found these: the modern-day upgrade to the old-world tradition of flour sack weave. Our cooking customers rely on them to wipe, dry, clean, polish, cushion, protect and wrap — without lint, scratches or streaks. Pre-washed, extra-thick and absorbent, these towels have endless utility. Sustainable and practical too, so replace those paper towels and use cloth, not paper :)

- 100% durable cotton, washed twice + lightly ironed
- Nice and big at 30" x 30"  
- Smooth and super-absorbent
- Lint-free!
- Ships as a stack of 7 towels, ready for gifting
- Wrapped + tied with a twill “use cloth not paper” ribbon


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