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ciao and welcome

to stories from the studio. Our wish? To connect with you a bit more, to share our day-to-day news and meanderings  in a fun and casual way.

We’ll be sharing studio happenings, design heroes and the stuff that inspires us. We’ll show what’s on the drawing board and introduce new designs as they arrive + more!

Expect to see us in your inbox twice a month. We hope you enjoy S, just for fun.

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we dot-love.

Architect and designer Jean Prouvé used dots in perfect proportions in windows and building façades. This simple shape in repetition creates an energy we simply can’t resist. Here are a few more dots that inspire our designs:

The DeYoung Museum tower's undulating dot screen inspired our favorite Moddot design. Punched dots on metal colanders create circles, diamonds, and other swirling shapes. The sixties were full of bold color, strong shapes, and cool patterns. We dot-love the groovy graphics.

. . . . .

we get dots.

We sure do. Over the years, we have designed and printed so many different dot patterns that we close our eyes and see dots instead of stars! That said, we can’t get enough. Above: a few of the dot products from past seasons.

... You’d be surprised how much thought and time goes into creating a simple pattern. We’ve got some new dot

patterns in the works. Below is a sneak peek :)

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