Tout Market Tote

I was so excited to find this amazing tote, made by our friends at Mimot Studio. I use it daily to and from work, to the grocery store, farmer's market, and running all sorts of errands. It's roomy and chic with its leather handle and strap, and cleverly folds down easily to pack or carry as a spare bag. 

Made with lightweight and really-strong Tyvek, this tote is endlessly reusable and recyclable too. The material may look like paper, but it's not. It is tear-resistant, waterproof, durable and strong... and softens with time and use, getting a lovely worn and well-used patina.

The leather handles are the perfect length for over-the-shoulder carrying, and the closure strap can act as a second handle when snapped in place. Good design, great function.

- 20" wide x 18" high, + 10" handles
- holds just about everything (that's why we call it Tout)
- made by hand in California by our friends at Mimot Studio
- spot wash with soap and water, and scrub away, it's strong!

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