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Linen Bread Bag

A bread-baking customer asked for a custom made linen bread bag for friends and family gifting... so we designed and made one for ourselves too. The BON PAIN bag will hold all your good bread whether you bake it yourself or carry it home from your favorite bakery.

Linen and bread go well together. The breathable linen will keep the inside of bread soft and the crust crisp and crusty a bit longer than paper or plastic. And the bag can be used and reused without washing, as it's okay to let the bread's flour and crumbs accumulate inside the bag. 

- 11.5" wide x 14" high with a twill drawstring closure
- 100% oatmeal linen, screen-printed with water-based inks
- holds up to a 9" round or a standard batard loaf
- eco-friendly and reusable... use cloth not paper :)
- designed, screened and sewn in San Francisco
- machine wash cool and air dry

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