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Rainbow Mix Linen Napkins - Set of 4

NEW! A mixed set of four bright linen napkins. Rosey + Copper + Honey + Teal = the Rainbow Mix Set, perfect for your dinner, lunch or breakfast table. Simple yet elegant, they will dress up a dinner party, but we love them for daily meals too.

Linen is durable, naturally resists dirt and stains, and is a stronger, more long-lasting fabric than cotton. Easy to care for, it will stand the test of time through years of everyday use. Just wash in cool to warm water, air dry or tumble dry on low. Ironing is totally optional - your choice!

Embrace (as we do) the sustainable “use cloth not paper” tenet, and have plenty of linen napkins on hand to use daily.

- 100% linen in 4 colors
- 18" x 18”, s
old as a set of 4
- Launders easily, dries quickly, ironing is optional
- Soft and absorbent
- Stain resistant + long-wearing
- Designed, cut and sewn with care in San Francisco

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