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Reality Tea Towel

"San Francisco is 49 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality", musician Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane once said. It reflects the spirit and reputation of this special city. 

The linen we use for our tea towels is durable, naturally resists dirt and stains, and is a stronger, more long-lasting fabric than cotton. It will stand the test of time through years of everyday use. Easy to care for, just wash in cool to warm water, air dry or tumble dry on low and remove while slightly damp. Ironing is totally optional - your choice!

We handprint each towel one-by-one using water-based inks, working in small batches here in San Francisco. We pay attention to the details, and each piece is tied with a twill ribbon and a wash + care tag.

- 100% oyster white linen, printed with Ocean ink, 18" x 26”
- Includes a twill corner ribbon on back for hanging
- Launders easily, dries quickly, ironing is optional
- Designed, cut, silk-screened and sewn with care in San Francisco

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